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S e x e d   S e m e n . . . 

should be used on virgin heifers and is not recommended for use on lactating cows.

Sexed semen is processed using flow cytometry to sort the female/X chromosome-bearing sperm cells from the male/Y chromosome-bearing sperm cells Success ratio of sexed semen in heifers is more than 78%.  

When used properly in well-managed herds, sexed semen can produce more heifer calves for your dairy or beef operation. This allows you to increase your herd size from within, avoiding the high cost of replacement heifers and the risk of disease when bringing in heifers from other operations. 

 Success rate higher with the following point adaptation 

·        Use only in healthy, virgin heifers that have been observed in standing heat.

·        Inseminate 8-12 hours after the first detected mounting.

·        Use only an experienced A.I. technician, and never split straws.

·        Always use tweezers, never use fingers, to handle straws.

·        Remove the selected straw from the canister as quickly as possible. Minimize the container's time above the liquid nitrogen.

·        Return the canister to the liquid nitrogen promptly, keeping it out no more than five (5) seconds.

·        Ensure that semen is stored at the proper temperature.

·        Thaw straws in 95°F water for at least 45 seconds.

·        Pre-warm the A.I. gun and sheath to avoid cold shock, and thoroughly dry the straw before inserting it into the gun.

·        Deposit semen in the uterine body just past the opening of the cervix, just like conventional semen.