Pason Life Science

P A S O N L S . . . 

is the national trade company for Pakistan's feed industry.

PASONLS trade associate member companies manufacture livestock, poultry and fish feed and supply grains, oilseed meals, micro-ingredients and other commodity and related services to the industry. Companies representing 80% of commercial feed manufacturing in Pakistan benefit from membership in COVANCE.

The feed industry is an important part of Pakistan's agri-food economy and a key partner in the country's food safety system.The main ingredients which is our identity is

·        Yellow Corn

·        Rice Polish

·        Rice Brawn

·        Soybean Meal

·        Sunflower Meal

·        Live Yeast

·        By-Pass Proteins

·        By-Pass Fats

·        Mono & Di-Calcium Phosphate

·        Minerals & Amino Acids

PASONLS advocates on behalf of the industry with government regulators and policy-makers, to foster a favorable business environment for its members in the context of the highest standards of feed and food safety.