Pason Life Science

Name Of Company                :    Pason Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Vision & Mission                   :     Be the Leader in Quality and Commitment

·        We are committed to contribute to the sustainable growth of the overall economy

            of the country by conducting all our business operations through

·        Innovation and Introduction of Proper Products & Services That Our End Users Deserve.

·        Development of Skilled Human Resources as Per The Need of The Respective Industry.

·        Establishment of Healthy Trade Relationship with The Dynamic & Challenging Global Market.

·        We are further committed to train and motivate all our employees in order to provide superior quality service to every person we interact.


Nature of Business           :    Fast growing conglomerate in Veterinary-based industry

                                          Working to provide inputs to farmers (Dairy & Fattening) to

                                          produce high yield and high quality farm produce for


                                          Group engaged in manufacture, import and distribute all types

                                          of Livestock inputs primarily for nation-wide local market and

                                          also for global market.


Inception of Business       :   Business was founded in June 2006 but initiated sales &           

                                                marketing activities in May 2008 in Pakistan and in Jordan 

                                                January 2011 

Directors                            :   Mr. Dr Muhammad Arshad Mahmood

                                                Mr. Hassan Muhammad Faisal

                                                Mrs. Aneela Arsh Somroo


Manufacturing Facility   :   Pason Life Sciences is engage in manufacturing with Covance

                                               Veterinary Health of various type of products for Industry

                                               The major category represents nutritional & non nutritional

                                               feed additives/supplement, Antibiotics and therapeutics drugs

                                               and feed for cattle, fishery and pet animals.

Number of Employees   :   Approx. 117

Business Counter          :   All over the Pakistan and Jordan