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P   o   u   l   t   r   y  . . .

industry has very strong roots in Pakistan as we just can't see our dinner or lunch without chicken. That's the main reason that the poultry industry flourished in last few decades and today enjoys the status of the second largest industry of Pakistan after textile.

Now, the point is that what could be the reasons for one industry to develop at such a faster pace in a region? So, answering the question requires us to look in to the back ground of poultry in Pakistan.

In Pakistan the concept of commercial poultry rearing, hatching and feed milling was not known few decades ago. The back yard poultry was the only source of enriched animal protein. In back yard rearing we didn't have the real growing or laying birds. In fact the birds were not kept for any kind of financial gains; rather to rear poultry was like rearing kids.

I mean they were only reared and cared either they are profitable or not. But Pason have a great contribution among farmer awareness and grooming techniques which strongly build profit pillars in this Great country