Pason Life Science

L   i   v   e   s   t   o   c   k  . . . 

plays an important role in the economy of the world and is at the heart of the rural socioeconomic system. It is a net source of foreign exchange earnings contributing significantly in this vital area.

Most importantly, more than 8 million rural small and landless farmers raise livestock, making it an ideal sector for attacking rural poverty in the country. Furthermore, as livestock makes up almost 50 % of the agriculture value added, the future high growth in agriculture is expected to be led by the livestock sector and Pason Life sciences Pvt Ltd play key role within this sector and have a great contribution in Pakistan and Jordan

The demand for livestock and livestock products is continuing to increase due to t he population growth, urbanization and increase in per capita income.

The production by the livestock sector needs to increase rapidly and the share of it which moves through the modern processing facilities and the commercial marketing channels must increase substantially. Moving away from the subsistence mode of production to the more modern methods and marketing requires a commercial approach to the livestock sector and will require financial and technical investments.