Pason Life Science

 A n i m a l   H e a l t h   C a r e . . . 

is one of the most essential concerns for those, who care for animals. The prime motive of an animal follower is to take utmost care of the animals with premier food and close companion that help them to fight against their health problems, due to this action Pason Life Sciences  was formed by an international conformity with ANAC on 11th February 2011. This Company was established with the prime motive to improve the animal health all over the Pakistan. With this aim, PLS technical team treated more than 400/day only in province of the Punjab.

Our Aims

·         To be able to describe the scope of services offered by animal care services, including veterinary practices.

·         Describe common health problems in various animals, including injuries & diseases, causes of ill health problems in livestock.

·         Explain the natural behavior of different types of domestic animals in different situations

·         Identify common signs of ill health in different animals - vital signs, the healthy animal , signs & symptoms of disease , and diagnose and control of diseases

·         Describe the purposes of different facilities used in PLS practice, the contents of a first aid kit, suitable enclosures for animals

·         Determine safety procedures for a veterinary practice, workplace safety issues, aspects of health and safety for veterinary practices

·         Describe different administration procedures in a veterinary practice, including animal insurance, legal considerations, day to day management of a livestock form.

·         Describe/select first aid procedures/treatments for different animals in response to common health problems in animals, identify types of wounds and suitable treatments

·         Describe requirements for maintaining good health in form animals, including nutrition & preventative medicine, preventing ill health through correct management, vaccinations

·         To develop a broader awareness of health problems and their treatment to farmer like ticks and tick borne diseases, mastitis, parasitic infestation and endometritis    

·         To develop skills in caring for animals prior to, during or after treatment, planning a recovery and animal nursing