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Become a PLS Feed Dealer

As PLS dealer, you will be partnering with a company that has a tradition of leadership and innovation in the animal nutrition business.  PLS holds as its heritage the proud histories of Super Feed®, Super Power Feed®, Paso Milky pellets®, Paso Fatty Pellets®, Paso-Bigfisher ®   

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLS brings unique resources and access to new technologies all committed to helping you succeed in the feed industry.

We are committed to providing the highest quality nutrition and business services to livestock producers to help them produce livestock more efficiently. It is this business principle that differentiates our company from the competition. PLS maintains a small company atmosphere. At the same time, we enjoy the benefits of big company financial strength.

Our direct tie to commodity and co-product sources, a variety of distribution channels, broad product lines, and focus on quality strengthens our relationships with our dealers. 

Our field sales team nationwide is the most qualified in the industry and is committed to helping you develop new business. Some of the sales support and services offered are:

·        Knowledgeable Field Sales Representatives

·        Innovative Dealer Support Programs

·        Producer Seminars 

·        FOC Medicine

·        Access to New Business 

·        Access to PLS Commodities


We're excited about our dealer business and believe a strong dealer network on teasel level  is integral for future growth within the industry. We sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming Neghaban Bezuban Murkaz dealer and would like to know more about you. 
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