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export from the country has the potential to surpass $500 million mark during next five years by complying with the international codes which is presently stood at around 100 million.

Between 2006 and 2011, the global beef trade grew at an average of 13.4 per cent to reach just over $40 billion, according to data available from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Pakistan’s market share within this rapidly growing market is only 2.9 per cent.
During last six years Pakistani red meat exports have risen by an average of 73.8 per cent a year.

Halal and organic are now used interchangeably, fueling the growth of the former more strongly. Halal meat is also one of the fastest growing segments within the global food trade.

With the advent of more and more new players and with surprisingly robust support from the Government, Pakistan is set to become one of the largest players in the meat trade, at least within the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

 Taking the tentative first steps towards becoming a major international player in the Halal food industry PASON start introducing meat forming in Pakistan “ 40 day,60 days and 90 days” PASON farmer export red meat in Middle East and Southeast Asia and earn a huge foreign exchange for Pakistan.

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