Pason Life Science

Dear customer and patron,                                                                                                              


It is an occasion of immense pride and pleasure to present the  humble profile of the Pason, a distinctive industrial entity and honored veterinary nutrition and pharmaceutical nucleus of the country to our valuable customers and patrons. I bow my head to the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, WHO bestowed upon me HIS blessings in form of vision and wisdom, courage and resources to reshape my COMPANY proudly matching to the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.

The Pason is committed to create veterinary nutritional as well as veterinary medicinal products in the strong pursuit of the cherished objectives of Quality, Reliability and Safety to guard and protect human lives and your precious and valuable treasure of Livestock. I offer my deep hearted gratitude to all our valuable customers and patrons who always reposed their confidence to us in making our Company a trust worthy icon in the world of animal nutrition. I am equally thankful to my colleagues and staff members, whose relentless endeavors, devotion and dedication made the present day success possible. Last but not least, my very special thanks to all our dignified medical practitioners, veterinarians, farmers and paravets who always patronized us in moving forward by showing their Trust in our products.

 Sky is the limit to us in making the impossible a possible.  

Dr.Muhammad Arshad Mahmood


Director Marketing