Pason Life Science


 I am pleased that you have chosen to visit Pason website to learn more about our Company.  Par has been faithfully serving the needs of patients and customers since 2008.  In a rapidly changing industry, Pason remains steadfast in our commitment to deliver Livestock and Agriculture  products of uncompromising quality. Our reputation for quality represents a competitive advantage and positions Pason as a leader in quality within our industry.

Our Company develops, manufactures, markets and distributes Animal Feed and  Animal Medicine  through two operating divisions, Pason Life Sciences and Covance Veterinary Health.  Pason generate a good marketing teams in Pakistan and Jordan. Covance properly work in research on feed and medicine and manufacture a high quality products for our valuable customer. Each of these businesses is poised for long-term sustainable growth.

These accomplishments can be attributed to an experienced management team and our most important resource - - the imagination of our highly-valued colleagues.  Pason life sciences unique culture is imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit and an adherence to our Core Values, which has created a performance-driven organization that values integrity, customer focus and teamwork.

Hassan Muhammad Faisal

MBA Marketing (USA)