Pason Life Science

M e d i c a l   T e c h n o l o g y . . .

is making new and radiant achievements throughout the world. Indeed, we do understand the need of the livestock. Improved and economical medical facilities are to be provided without compromising on quality and efficacy-our sole objective. This requires strenuous efforts, professionalism and teamwork, which is a driving force of company.

PASON and COVANCE  products have always been effective, safe and outstanding in quality. We have worked hard to meet our targets and have achieved many landmarks in the Veterinary pharmaceutical world so far. I take pride to say that our products are innovative, reliable and affordable as well. Over the years, through our dedication and development prowess, we have developed over 36 quality products. Main leading brands are

·        Milk Tracker

·        Pasomin

·        Galied

·        2-Hunt

·        Trilive

·        Antibector

·        I-Fom

·        I-Mectin

PASON and COVANCE  is fully aware of its great social responsibilities. Naturally, the company keeps striving to maintain the delicate balance to provide our customers with the most effective and safest products at economical prices.