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associated with successful livestock management and in integrating grazing management and forage production is animal nutrition. Understanding the complex issues of animal nutritional demand, forage nutritional values, and grazing management influence on nutritional values and production.

Developing a good feeding and management program is important to meet livestock goals and herd performance. Many factors affect the requirements of animals and the extent of nutrient utilization. The effect of genotype, physiological state, and environment on voluntary feed consumption is mediated by the animals’ metabolism, and consumption is generally dependent upon diet.
Pason Life Sciences Pvt Ltd provides high quality livestock feed and nutritional supplements.

·        Super Feed

·        Super Power Feed

·        Pasomilky 40 , 44

·        Paso Wanda

·        Zaidan Feed

·        Saboos-e-Gandam

 We produce the highest quality feed at competitive prices, using only the best ingredients and blending only what the customer needs.