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A   g   r   i   c   u   l   t   u   r   e . . .

is a dominant sector in the economy of Pakistan, which accounts for one-fourth of the domestic product. It absorbs nearly 52 per cent of total labor of the country.

Agriculture sector is an important segment to meet the food demands of growing population to provide raw materials for the expanding industrial sectors and to employ a much larger proportion of the labor force. There is a need to enhance the agricultural productivity through the introduction of such inputs as high-yielding crop varieties, balanced fertilizer, pesticides and water for irrigation.

Agricultural production in the country is still three to four times less compared with some developed countries like Japan, Holland and USA. There are multiple causes for this.

About 90% of the total arid and semi-arid areas and ever growing desertification and deterioration of productive ecosystems have posed a serious threat to its land resources of array of problems lending to their depletion, a big chunk of land is being lost to agricultural productivity through loss of fertility and land erosion and millions of hectares of fertile land in the irrigated belt is rendered unproductive due to twin menace of water logging and salinity.