Pason Life Science

P a s o n   L i f e   S c i e n c e s   P v t   L t d . . .

 is one of the largest integrated livestock feed producing company in Jordan and Pakistan under the supervision of ANAC Canada  with ultra modern infrastructure. Our well equipped labs ensure that the best raw materials are utilized to produce an end product of the highest quality. As a company, our first creativity is to control Farm Management and free farm advisory services. 

Pason Life Sciences meets their needs satisfactorily on a long-term horizon, quality consciousness and teamwork is ingrained in all our employees at all levels. As an employer, we recognize the individuality of each employee and seek to develop his/her potential, providing fair compensation in a healthy and safe working environment. As a civic-minded institution, we believe in supporting causes that protect our natural surroundings and uplift the health and educational standards of our community. As a firm in a competitive market, we seek to constantly introduce new and innovative products and systems to meet the changing demands of our customers.

Pason Life Sciences is engage in manufacturing with Covance Veterinary Health of various type of products for Industry. The major category represents nutritional &

non nutritional feed additives/supplement, Antibiotics and therapeutic drugs and feed for cattle, fishery and pet animals.

·        We are committed to contribute to the sustainable growth of the overall economy of the country by conducting all our business operations through

·        Innovation and Introduction of Proper Products & Services That Our End Users Deserve.

·        Development of Skilled Human Resources as Per The Need of The Respective Industry.

·        Establishment of Healthy Trade Relationship with The Dynamic & Challenging Global Market.

·        We are further committed to train and motivate all our employees in order to provide superior quality service to every person we interact.